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Baltimore health tech company acquired by Canadian software developer

Baltimore health information technology company Audacious Inquiry is set to be acquired by PointClickCare Technologies, a Canadian healthcare software developer.

The companies say they both aim to close gaps in healthcare and improve care for vulnerable patients. The planned acquisition, announced Thursday, is subject to regulatory approvals. The terms of the contract are not disclosed.

Audacious Inquiry, which became one of the first recognized B corporations in Maryland in 2010 to work on solving social problems, builds networks that transmit data across the US healthcare system.

In 2013, the company became one of the first to provide notifications to doctors when their patients are admitted or discharged from hospitals via a care coordination tool.

The merger will allow the company to become “the most impactful platform to transform care,” Chris Brandt, CEO of Audacious Inquiry, said in the announcement.

Clients include the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, as well as regional health information exchanges, hospital associations, health systems and public health authorities.

PointClickCare’s technology is used by more than 25,000 long-term post-acute care providers and more than 1,600 hospitals