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Camera and software system provides 3D machine vision for robot applications – Metrology and quality news

A new family of intelligent 3D rc_visard cameras from Matrix Vision offers low system costs, rapid implementation and a high degree of flexibility. The camera, associated with its on-board and / or complementary software suite, offers 3D industrial vision for stationary and mobile robotic applications, such as bin pick-up or navigation for driverless transport systems.

With an on-board processor, the rc_visard processes camera data and transmits relevant information such as grab points directly to the robot application, without the need for an external computer. This reduces system costs as well as the risk of application failure.

The on-board software package makes it easy to use the rc_visard as a 3D stereo sensor for efficient and reliable object detection, indoor navigation or seizure planning. For specific tasks, the optional rc_reason software suite provides intelligent tools for performing pick-and-drop applications without dragging individual objects. The pick-and-place applications can also be determined on the basis of the CAD data.

A user-friendly web interface allows for easy operation and configuration without the need for special training or prior knowledge. Smart 3D cameras are available in two different sizes, 65mm and 160mm, each available with color or monochrome image recording. They are available with two different focal lengths with a measuring range depth of 0.2 to 3.0 meters and can measure up to 1.2 million 3D data points.

The new family of 3D cameras was created by Matrix Vision, a brand of Balluff, in cooperation with Roboception.

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