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Facebook owner Meta is set to buy AI-focused music software developer Accusonus, reports show

Facebook owner Meta is reaching a deal to buy Greek music software developer Accusonus, according to reports.

Accusonus has made a name for itself as an innovator in machine learning, bringing its artificial intelligence technology to plugins such as Drumaton, Rhythmic and Regroove. These are designed to remove drum bleed, deconstruct loops and demix sampled loops respectively.

What Meta might want with this kind of technology is up for debate, but there will of course be speculation that he wants to bring it to the much-talked-about metaverse, the virtual reality playground that we’re all going to end up live in, apparently.

Speaking to Computer Music magazine in 2017Accusonus co-founder Alex Tsilfidis explained that “there are three principles that define the culture of Accusonus”.

He went on to say, “First, we’re building AI tools to empower music creators, not replace them. Second, music has many complex dimensions and music technology must take them all into account. Most consoles and DAWs are built around the idea that processing multiple tracks individually and then adding them together is all we need – we think it’s not!

“Finally, in traditional sound engineering, you see the world as a collection of microphones and tracks – at Accusonus, we see the world as a collection of sound sources.”

Reuters reports that Meta may link the purchase of Accusonus in the coming days, with speculation that it could be worth up to $100 million. When asked to respond to the news, Facebook said “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation.”