Software developer launches platform to solve US software developer shortage

ATLANTE, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — is thrilled to announce the launch of its developer shortage solution, which brings to market the talent of senior developers from America’s largest companies. The largest pool of high-level developers are those already working – a fraction tap into their spare capacity to help growing businesses.

After working with a select handful of beta customers, fraction is officially releasing its platform to the public. fraction is reducing the shortage of US software engineers by pairing senior developers with permanent part-time roles. Customers can add developers to their team confident that they will be available 20-30 hours per week long term. Because fraction leverages the entire US developer workforce, customers can access the best developers for virtually any technology. Tapping into unused developer capacity makes this approach more cost-effective compared to traditional consulting or direct hiring.

“This model is perfect for startups that may struggle to compete for developers,” Fraction’s founder said. Praveen Ghanta. “I’ve been successfully using split developers for 15 years – it’s time to scale this solution across the industry.”

The model has already proven itself as Lumiant, a consulting engagement platform for finance professionals, used fraction to rapidly scale its technical capacity after its successful launch in the US.

“Following our launch in the United States in May, we experienced rapid growth and needed to scale our development team and technical capability to execute our aggressive product roadmap and maximize opportunities in America,” said Blake WoodCEO of Lumiant US.

“With Lumiant now enabling over 6,000 customers around the world to live their best lives, fraction gave us access to technically gifted candidates who could quickly upgrade and get code into production. By strengthening our already incredible engineering and development team with talent, we can continue to scale rapidly and be at the forefront of delivering an engaging consulting experience.”

By tapping into an often overlooked labor pool, Fraction makes it easy for growing organizations to meet tight deadlines and hire top talent quickly. Unlike recruitment services that focus on offshore software development, fraction works exclusively with senior US-based developers. “By placing the best American developers in long-term split positions, we can provide a level of quality unmatched by offshore consultants,” said Jeffrey Boulangersection Head of Sales.

fraction puts developers through rigorous selection testing within their preferred software stack. Companies can screen developers using Fraction’s StackMatch™ tool, which ensures companies are presented with candidates with a deep understanding of a specific technology stack and industry.


fraction is the only recruitment platform for developers looking for part-time employment and for companies looking to hire the best American developers. Fraction’s StackMatch tool makes it easy to quickly find qualified developers. Founded in 2022, fraction is based in Atlanta.

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