Software developer

Mobility & Logistics Software Developer job at IMEC

Impact? Would you like to join a multidisciplinary and talented team? Want to work with key industry players? Are you committed to meeting tomorrow’s mobility and logistics challenges (i.e. safer, more resilient and greener)? Do you derive energy from designing, developing and testing software in real environments? Then you might be the software developer we are looking for!


imec’s EDiT (Enabling Digital Transformations) department plays a leading role in achieving societal and economic impact by conducting demand-driven R&D, in collaboration with industry players, authorities and (academic) research institutes.

Our mission is to focus on the most complex challenges (wicked problems) in 3 key areas: Sustainable & Urban Environments, Mobility & Logistics and Health. We are guided by an Open for Impact vision, which emphasizes sharing everything we learn as open knowledge, open source, and open data.

Mobility and logistics begin when you walk through the front door or when you receive a package ordered online, delivered to your doorstep. Mobility and logistics are everywhere, and we foresee a huge increase in their relevance and importance over the next decade. On top of that, we face ambitious climate goals that will shift the mobility and logistics landscape to a more sustainable, resilient and scalable way of working.

Our Mobility & Logistics experts set an example for Flanders and the rest of Europe in the development of innovative technological solutions that drive the digital transformation of the sector. We focus on data-driven decision-making using data spaces, digital twins, connected and autonomous mobility and transport (C-ITS), synchromodal transport and urban logistics.

We generally favor hiring developers as salaried employees. However, freelance/consultant/flex-force personnel typically recruited through our preferred vendor network may be considered to cover temporary capacity or capacity needs.

What will you do

You will integrate the Mobility & Logistics division of EDiT. He will collaborate with other developers, architects, analysts, designers, project managers, product owners, user researchers and domain experts. Clusters operate according to a process based on Scrum and SAFe principles.

As a software developer, you’ll also join EDiT’s DEV Competency Center, where we’ll provide coaching, organize training, assess and refine your role and responsibilities, and jointly plan your journey within EDiT/imec . Additionally, through our EDiT Communities of Practice initiative, you will regularly interact with other developers, architects, designers, and user researchers through EDiT.