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Raft to provide cloud software system support for Kessel Run initiatives under contract with Air Force

Technology consulting firm Raft received a $ 36 million award to provide Kessel Run, the US Air Force’s software development unit, with DevSecOps software engineering support, open source system infrastructure, and multi-regional platform services.

The non-traditional, woman-owned small business said Monday it would assist the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center detachment as part of the Cloud Computing and Information Technology Integration Initiative.

As part of the contract, Raft will provide macro-level architecture support for a multi-regional hybrid system, application and integration infrastructure, and data management architectures to strengthen existing software systems and other efforts. Department of Defense software related to Kessel Run.

Kessel race aims to advance combat capabilities and modernize the software acquisition process in the Air Force. It includes members of the Operational Command and Control Users, Wing Command and Control Users, and the Common Platform Program Management Office from all areas.

Raft Founder and CEO Shubhi Mishra said Kessel Run aligns with the company’s mission commitment and human-centered culture. “Kessel Run is truly a transformative force within the Department of Defense for progressive delivery and continuous learning. “

Raft said the price will also include providing support for DOD’s external software efforts.