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RO software developer RebelDot launches investment division targeting tech startups

Software developer RebelDot has launched Rebel Ventures, its investment mechanism for tech startups. The entity will manage the company’s strategy to invest in local startups and not only.

Rebel Ventures is an initiative of Tudor Ciuleanu and Kocsis Andras, the co-founders of RebelDot, who wanted to get involved and participate in the development of the local technology industry. It targets start-ups and developer teams with technology and a core business component. He envisions collaborations with startups with solutions in healthcare, telemedicine, green energy, fintech and blockchain.

“A concept already familiar to software development companies – tech for equity – is how RebelDot engages in startup development. This is how we add value to the transactional relationships that the investment market in Romania is already accustomed to. It is a type of collaboration that brings together more than 14 years of expertise and a team of more than 150 developers, designers and product managers, alongside the founders, to support them as closely as possible in the development of a product that meets to market needs. Tudor Ciuleanu, CEO of RebelDot, explained, quoted by

RebelDot has previously been involved in startup projects, one of them being the virtual and hybrid event platform Eventmix, launched by Sergiu Biriș and Andrei Dunca.

RebelDot has a team of more than 150 engineers, designers and product managers working in hybrid mode from all over the country and abroad. It has branches in Cluj-Napoca and Oradea, but also in Copenhagen.

(Photo: Daniil Peshkov/Dreamstime)

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