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Supply Chain Software Developer Datex to Exhibit at CEBA Conference and Exhibition

Controlled Building Association (CEBA) Conference and Exhibition

Turnkey software and hardware technology solutions provider Datex will exhibit at the 41st CEBA Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2-4, 2021. The annual CEBA Conference & Exhibition is the only event in the world dedicated to building construction. cold stores, design and maintenance.

CEBA, the Controlled Building Association, is a widely used resource for anyone interested in building, renovating, or upgrading a premier temperature-controlled facility. Many of the industry’s most experienced designers, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers are members of CEBA.

The CEBA conference and exhibition attracts over 200 participants, mainly warehouse operators, contractors and suppliers. Showcasing the latest technologies, solutions, products and services, this conference will feature industry presentations, educational and networking events, including a golf classic.

Kim Ganoe, Senior Solutions Consultant, will represent Datex at booth 23. Datex is known throughout the 3PL cold storage industry for its core product, a Microsoft-based warehouse management system based on the workflow. The Datex Cold Storage 3PL WMS helps reduce costs and create efficient cold storage operations. The Datex warehouse management system which includes IARW compliant reports was developed with input from the IARW.

About Datex

In business for over 40 years, Datex has specialized experience in the cold storage industry, particularly working with clients building new warehouses as well as those starting 3PL operations. Datex can provide a turnkey solution, including its award-winning WMS with features developed for cold storage operations, as well as hardware, EDI, integrations, and other services. Acting as a one-stop-shop technology solutions provider, Datex can help warehouse owners improve operations by leveraging the right technology to optimize efficiency, information visibility, workforce productivity. workmanship, accuracy and flow. This in turn helps keep operating costs under control, providing a competitive advantage in the market.

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