Software developer

Systems Software Developer at The Focus Group

The position exists to develop, test, and document quality enterprise-wide enterprise applications and subsystems, from specification to full release, that meet internal and external customer expectations.

The position encompasses the following main functions or key result areas:

Product development

Software support

Software quality

Customer relationship

Corporate dues

Main responsibilities

Product development:

Ensure that all project delivery expectations, including time and cost, are met in accordance with project managers’ expectations.

Ensure that issues impacting delivery expectations are highlighted and reported to the project manager as early as possible so that impact is minimized.

Design and implementation of test harnesses to aid in design validation.

Ensure that all aspects of the development code of practice are understood and adhered to.

Organize and attend technical design reviews, code walkthroughs, scrum sessions, etc.

Software support

Ensure support is provided to departments and delivery teams as required.

Ensure that all Change Requests (ICRS) are fully assessed and processed accordingly.

Software quality

Ensure that all released software conforms to customer expectations as defined in the requirements specification.

Identify all issues and risks and develop plans to mitigate these issues and risks

Ensure that all released software is of a level of quality that does not compromise validation and deployment delivery expectations.

Ensure software quality through unit testing, functional testing, subassembly testing and end application testing in accordance with relevant specifications.

Ensure that the solution is validated on all hardware and software platforms according to the project

Generate supporting documentation to help the infrastructure team deploy and support the solution.

Customer relationship

Provide problem solving and technical support to relevant departments.

Interface with customers and suppliers to define/resolve specification issues and recommend solutions if necessary.

Corporate dues

Participate constructively as a member of the extended team

Undertake any other ad hoc task or project that may be assigned from time to time

Ensure the protection of the business interests of the company always and in all circumstances

Take all practical measures to ensure personal safety and the safety of others as a priority

Demonstrate professional skills and a high level of fairness and integrity

Qualifications and experience


Bachelor’s or diploma in software engineering

Microsoft developer certification is advantageous

At least 2 years of designing and developing multi-tiered custom software applications in a medium-sized company


Experience developing software solutions using various programming languages

Driving license

Job Specific Key Competencies/Attributes/Competencies

Knowledge of agile development methodologies, e.g. Scrum

Able to develop web services in an SOA architecture

Able to use Windows services and Microsoft Message Queuing

Able to design models, refactor and perform unit tests

Able to use best practices and procedures related to custom software development and software

development cycle

Capable of securing and optimizing applications

Exposure with Azure, Docker and Kubenetes environments

Able to handle source control

Understanding of good application design

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong business acumen

Excellent Microsoft Office skills

Negotiation and networking skills

Professional approach

Commitment to customer service

High level of integrity and confidentiality

Able to work under pressure

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