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Technology services provider centrexIT and enterprise software developer Dreamtsoft form strategic partnership

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–centrexIT, an information technology (IT) service provider helping businesses thrive through technology, and Dreamtsoft, developer of an application-as-a-service (aPaaS) platform designed to streamlining the creation and deployment of enterprise applications, today announced a strategic partnership to transform the way enterprises manage IT services.

Dreamtsoft was founded in 2014 by Bow Ruggeri, one of the original architects of $100 billion tech giant ServiceNow. This same group helps centrexIT adapt and evolve its platform to meet the nuances of the Managed Service Provider (MSP), Information Technology Service Provider (ITSP), and Managed Security Service Provider industries ( MSSP). Featuring unparalleled transparency and customer service, adopting the platform will provide small and medium-sized businesses with the efficiency and functionality that the corporate world has long enjoyed, all at a price focused on value.

“As an MSP, it is essential for us to be able to effectively manage and maintain the technical, financial and process controls of our customers’ IT environments,” said Dylan Natter, CEO of centrexIT. “Due to budget constraints, small and medium businesses often work with MSPs that cannot implement expensive enterprise-grade technology platforms that provide this level of detailed tracking. We partnered with Dreamtsoft to enhance the company’s core MSP application platform while consolidating our technology stack. From managing our customers’ services, products, and financial management, the platform provides businesses with a system of record that oversees their entire IT ecosystem. »

Enterprises traditionally had physical networks on-premises, requiring MSPs to provide 100% system maintenance. Over the past five years, many companies have transitioned to a hybrid IT infrastructure or an exclusively cloud-based model to accommodate the growing remote workforce. Customers have shifted the scope of their IT priorities from traditional, comprehensive services to emerging technologies such as security and data governance. Additionally, evolving businesses are looking for more customized solutions that meet their unique business needs and ever-changing IT requirements. Until now, the industry lacked an adaptable platform that could scale, instead following a one-size-fits-all approach that diminishes the value of what an MSP has to offer.

As one of San Diego’s leading MSPs, centrexIT works with many customers looking to scale quickly and efficiently. Rapid change requires a system that can accurately track changing customer needs and produce a detailed usage report that directly correlates to their growth trajectory. Dreamtsoft offers an aPaaS based on enterprise-grade technology. Its fully customizable software generates a user-friendly interface for IT companies to use in business management. By enabling them to more easily synthesize information and transparently track where time and energy is being allocated, management teams are able to manage their businesses more effectively.

“In the IT industry, there is a disparity between the level of service that small MSPs receive compared to their enterprise-level counterparts. This imbalance often goes unnoticed, which means poorly managed MSPs are more prevalent than you might think. If something happens to one customer, it can affect the MSP as a business, which in turn impacts other customers,” says Bow Ruggeri, CEO and Founder of Dreamtsoft. “Providers should treat clients independently, offering carefully tailored programs rather than one-size-fits-all services. Dreamtsoft is built on this as a fundamental element – everything is separated, which allows for better customization of services for end customers. We envision vendors as an extension of their customer’s organization, providing seamless IT and operating as an internal IT department. Our partnership with centrexIT will allow us to deploy a platform that will transform IT services. »

About centrexIT

centrexIT helps small and medium-sized businesses focus on their success by delivering a seamless, value-driven IT experience. With a wide range of services available, such as management and consulting in information technology (IT) and information systems (IS), centrexIT integrates the best solutions to establish stable, scalable and secure technological environments. Since its inception in 2002, a commitment to consistently providing excellent and quality customer service has defined centrexIT as the leading provider of managed IT services in Southern California. To view centrexIT’s product and service offerings, or to join the centrexIT team, visit

About Dreamsoft

Dreamtsoft is committed to developing and delivering a flexible, multi-client, zero-trust, low-code application platform as a service (aPaaS). The platform is designed to consolidate technology sprawl and business processes to improve how IT service providers deliver exceptional experiences, while maintaining the highest quality and security for their customers. To learn more, visit