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Ukrainian software developer MacPaw updates CleanMyMac even under fire

CleanMyMac is one of those handy pieces of software that takes care of the household chores, ensuring that your Mac continues to run like a well-oiled machine without the hassle of gigabytes of log files and other system dross that can turn it into a an anesthetized slug.

These types of software often get a lot of criticism, especially from Mac purists who will tell you that everything CleanMyMac can do can also be done using the Terminal app in macOS. It’s great if you know all the complicated controls and know how to play with your Mac under the hood. But if you’re like most people, who just want their Mac to run fast and clutter-free, then a program like CleanMyMac is a good idea.

I’m pretty good with macOS, but I’ve been using CleanMyMac for a few years and don’t think I’d want to be without it now. MacPaw is the developer behind this useful software and the company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Naturally, the MacPaw team is under pressure right now with the illegal invasion of their country, but that hasn’t stopped them from updating the app to make it even better.

The new CleanMyMac has been expanded to include new Mac health monitoring tools. The new feature is now available as a free upgrade for all software users. The new Menu app feature is designed to increase the longevity of any Mac by adding five detailed health monitors. These updates will give users general information about their Mac’s health, pressure, temperature, and power processes.

Oleksandr Kosovan is the CEO of MacPaw. Amid the attacks on the Ukrainian capital, he had this to say about the new version: “We’re happy to release a brand new menu app feature in CleanMyMac X. We believe it will help you take better health of your Mac and extend its life. wingspan. With 5 new monitors, users will be able to gauge the current health and stability of their Mac. If something goes wrong, users will be able to quickly diagnose their Mac and take action to prevent further damage.

“We are proud of this update and would like to thank all of our beta testers for helping us out. Their feedback and the dedicated work of our team despite the wartime in our home country made this outing happen.

The new features help users protect their Mac against malware and other cyber threats. It is also able to track a Mac’s available storage, temperature, types of data stored on the disk, and size of junk that users can clean up immediately. In addition to keeping an eye on CPU load, users can also see which applications are hogging the CPU, check system availability, and watch out for unusual activity spikes.

The RAM monitoring feature provides information about what is happening with the computer’s memory, as well as how much RAM applications are consuming and whether it’s okay to keep pushing it further. The battery monitor feature can be used to check the number of charge cycles, the overall health of a Mac’s battery, as well as how long it will take for the battery to be fully charged.

Price and availability: Registered CleanMyMac users can download the new version of the software from the MacPaw website in the Mac App Store.

Required configuration: macOS 10.12 and above.