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Vending Machine Management Software System Launches New Mobile App

Stream VMS, a vending machine management software system tracking program, was founded and developed with a mission to revolutionize and streamline the way vending machine operators track their profits, drivers and inventory. Flow VMS started as a concept in June 2013; decide early on that the sales management software system or program should be cloud-based and use an iPhone app. The Stream VMS, Vending Machine Software Tracking Program, was designed with the guidance of several Vending Machine Operators and ultimately built a system for Vending Machine businesses to save time with automatic cash checking, scheduling intelligent, commissions, driver mapping, etc.

Introducing the Stream VMS Mobile app version 1.1

The Stream VMS mobile app is quick and easy to use and works great to provide your distribution business with critical data to make important decisions. Stream VMS Mobile & Mobile Manager works best on an iPhone to feed live data from the system, but can also be used with an iPod touch. Stream Mobile Manager has the same look and feel, however, all driver locations are included for sales route management purposes. Stream Mobile App works perfectly with Stream VMS Office Dashboard. All updates to the Stream VMS mobile app are pushed to devices through the App Store.

Presentation Stream VMS Desktop…an advanced dashboard system designed to manage your vending machine business effectively and efficiently. Stream VMS Office is cloud-based so you can view your sales, track drivers, edit schedules, and more. from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, the Stream VMS Dashboard provides vending machine businesses with a central location to manage all sales data, scheduling, asset management, commissions, reporting, and more! Commissioned clients can log in and view all past and present commission reports through the client portal! The Flow VMS The Office Dashboard is customizable and looks great on a Mac or PC. Manage your vending machine business data and view important metrics such as… daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales, daily driver records, smart schedules, cash control and more on a dashboard easy to use dashboard.

New features in version 1.1

Smart Scheduling – Never miss another service outage again! Customize schedules in a snap, with Stream VMS’ advanced scheduling features!

Route Tracking – Easily track your drivers and how much they’ve collected in real time. No more handwritten road tickets.

Easy Commissions – Automatically generates client commission reports. Your customers now have login access and can view all current and past sales and commission reports.